LRT Pasakos

LRT Pasakos 1

LRT Pasakos is a simple and colorful application designed for kids! It's primary function is to provide audio fairy tales for kids, recorded by famous actors of LRT television.

It also contains in-app drawing function, ability to store drawings in remote server and preview it on the gallery!

I was assigned to accomplish this task by my superior company - OSOS, and managed to complete it, even through pain.

I had an example of the design, which I needed to follow (there was already Android version created), so I didn't need to think about it.

This app wasn't complex to program, it consisted from several networking protocols, audio streaming functionality. I also implemented network image loader, canvas drawing functionality etc.

LRT Pasakos 2
LRT Pasakos 4

So the final result is here:

* Online audio fairy tales for kids.
* Drawing gallery.
* In-app drawing function.
* Fairy tale rating system implementation.
* Clear and simple design for kids.

LRT Pasakos on iTunes