1 is a free app designed to improve tourism experience for visitors of Kuršių Nerija peninsula.

Ferry schedules, pricing, live broadcasts, location keys and live ferry movements are available within this version of the app.

I was happy to get an offer to create this app, because I am a frequent user of the lithuanian sea coast and I was given an opportunity to model app design and user experience. Also, I wanted to try Swift, because before, I created apps only using Objective-C, so it was kind of interesting experiment for me.
So, here we go! 2

First challenge was to create app design, because it should be both simple and exclusive. In this era of material design, where most of the apps look like gmail app it was not an easy task. Anyway, we ended up with a solution containing live canvas map, where the movements would be presented for better imagination.

Because both iOS and Android versions were required, they needed to be somewhat more or less similar, so material design was used also while designing iOS app.

App backend supported REST data structures, so Alamofire and SwiftyJSON were used for networking and data processing. App is working in offline mode, so GRDB.swift SQLite interface was used. 3 4

So the final result is here:

* Easy access to ferry schedules and general information.
* Live broadcasts informing about traffic queues.
* Offline app mode.
* Low power battery consuming processes.
* Material design adaptation for iOS.
* Both simple and exclusive design. on Google Play on iTunes