Curriculum Vitae

General Information
I am a graduate of Mathematical Informatics at Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics and a graduate of Biology at Vilnius University Faculty of Natural Sciences. I am certified in Algorithm Analysis courses at Stanford University.
In Computer Science, I am interested in algorithming efficiency and performance optimization. I am also interested in mobile UX and design solutions.
In Biology I am interested in field studies of the Asilidae (robber flies) family.
I am also an amateur athlete, middle and long distance runner, multiple-times Vilnius University running champion, member of the university team, prizewinner of the Lithuanian U23 athletics championship, Lithuanian Cross-Country championship, Lithuanian Universiade, prizewinner of various international and local competitions, competitor for European Mountain-Marathon Cup.
In the past, I was an amateur music producer (Trance, Drum & Bass), I have played personal DJ sets at radio station, some of my works were played at Sean Tyas - Tytanium Sessions podcast.
I am also interested in history and politics.
Professional Carrier
2005 - birth of my first WEB startup named Underground (later known as, which succeeded in foreign countries like South Africa, India, Indonesia, Phillipines and had 10.000 unique daily users, dedicated to people, who couldn't afford an expensive mobile content.
2008 - startup was sold to the lithuanian company Seomates, I was appointed as a project administrator.
2009 - I decided to create another personal project - online game based on Heroes III of Might & Magic PC game. Project succeeded and achieved more than 1000 active players.
2010 - started Informatics studies at Vilnius University, Mathematics & Informatics Faculty.
2012 March - completed Algorithm Analysis courses at Stanford University.
2012 July - started working at Odri company as WEB developer.
2012 September - started Biology studies at Vilnius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences.
2012 October - started working at Pixelmator Team as iOS developer.
2013 June - started working at ZET Technologijos as Android developer.
2014 February - started working at Heise Medien Gruppe as WEB analyst.
2014 February - started working at Pixelmator Team as OS X developer.
2014 September - started working at OSOS as a leading Mobile Apps developer.
2015 February - started working with an exciting bitcoin startup - Coingate.
2015 June - I have defended my final thesis at Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics called "Simulation of the colonial insects in 3D enviroment".
2016 January - started working at Universumas as a leading Mobile Apps developer.
2017 June - I have defended my final thesis at Vilnius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences called "Robber flies (Asilidae) diversity and ecology in Southern Lithuania".
2018 February - started working at Paysera as an iOS and Android developer.
Programming Skills
Mobile programming
Android: proficient in both Kotlin and Java. Great experience in app optimization - memory management, designing efficient layouts, multitasking, broadcasting. Great Android UI & UX knowledge, designing custom animations & widgets, responsive layouts, vector graphics. Proficient in Facebook & G+ social libraries, Google Play services (great Maps API knowledge, Firebase), GSON, Jackson, LoganSquare. Experience programming API's for Bluetooth LE devices, great experience in video & image processing, designing database handlers etc. I have designed apps with functionality like NFC, QR, Bar reading, maps usage, live sync, payments, video streaming etc. Things I work with on a daily basis: Realm, SQLite, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin coroutines, Bolts, Retrofit, Volley, Firebase etc. Depending on project needs I do use MVC, MVP or MVVM architectures.
iOS: proficient in both Swift and Objective-C. Great experience programming applications using live WEB sync, video, image processing and audio technologies (AVFoundation, VoIP, Core Image, Core Graphics, Quartzcore). Great knowledge of iOS architectures, lifecycle etc. Things I work with on a daily basis: Realm, Swinject, Typhoon, PromiseKit, Bolts, RxSwift, ObjectMapper, Alamofire, GRDB, SiriKit, Stevia, Firebase, XCUITest, XCTest etc. Depending on a project needs I do use MVC or MVP architectures. Not a Nib or Storyboard type of person.
PC programming
Objective-C: programming experience with OS X based systems, Image Unit programming skills, good Cocoa understanding.
C++: programming experience with 3D applications, good understanding of C++ patterns.
Java: programming experience with SE and EE editions, great understanding of Java patterns, I am adept at Java code optimizations.
OpenGL: good understanding of shaders, quartenions, texturing, space partitioning, skeletal animation, GLSLang.
WEB programming (Outdated)
Frameworks: Magento (Mage), CakePHP, Oxid (Smarty).
General: great OOP PHP programming skills, great CSS (Bootstrap), HTML coding experience, good Javascript knowledge (incl. jQuery, Prototype, AjaX), XML (XPATH). Great responsive layouts understanding, good Google API, SEO skills, experience while dealing with security issues etc.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite.
Other: working experience with GIT, SVN version systems, UNIX systems (Regex, Shell etc.). Great Adobe Photoshop skills.
I am fluent in English, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian.
Press about me
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