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Taksistas is a free app for a quick and convenient way of ordering a taxi service in Vilnius city, a perfect travel companion for all international guests, business travellers, sightseeing tourists or backpackers.

Set your pickup location (Taksistas app automatically pinpoints your location by GPS), tap the "Order taxi now!" button and then kick back and relax - you’ll be notified when your car will be arrived. The average time of getting a taxi car is 10-15 minutes. Application runs in Lithuanian and English languages.

I was very happy to get an offer to create this app, because my stepfather used to work in taxi and now everyone bakes taxi apps like pancakes, so I wanted to do one myself!
So, here we go!

First task was to set up authorization, networking and Google Cloud Messaging for notifications. Later on - setting up app structure and designing.

Another step was to implement basic Google Maps functionality and flawless ordering functions. During this step I designed custom EditText with an ability to clear text, keyboard handler and smooth order transitioning animations.

Then, I needed to implement dynamic view content, which should change on order status change. I implemented special broadcast receiver, which handles navigation, orders and view drawings.

Whole applet was not so complex, the biggest task was delivering smoothness - something, what Android rarely offers. At least older Android, which is supported within this app.

Taksistas 2
Taksistas 3

So the final result is here:

* Easy taxi ordering in both reservation and express mode.
* Automatic and manual location picker.
* Smooth status notifications.
* Clear and simple order history.
* Low power battery consuming processes.
* Dynamic content handlers.
* Simple and clear design.

Taksistas on Google Play