Simplify 1

Simplify is a powerful task management system, which helps handling business tasks in a more efficient way. It is already accepted by such big companies like Caverion, SEB, Grigeo etc.

Simplify is a very universal tool it can be used in various range of companies - from factories to banks, insurance companies and even small businesses, willing to improve their working efficiency.

I was invited to work within this startup in 2014 and I am happy to work with such a great team, containing talented developers, managers and front office.

My task here - to create as great mobile working solution possible, to understand client needs and design polished, pixel perfect and smooth app. It is always being developed and there is no finish line visible, this is how greatness is achieved.

I was given a freedom to design application myself. I enjoyed designing various transition animations - animated progress, form flippings, radar views, custom drawer arrow animation etc. Because application supports all devices since API 16 and some functionalities like shadows or gravity animations are lacking in the Android support library, I needed to code them myself.

Also, I designed plenty of custom widgets like:

* Custom, pretty AlertDialog.
* Expandable TextView, observable EditText, custom autocomplete EditText.
* Aformic RecyclerView, allowing to contain different types of views.
* Custom TypeFace handler for managing app fonts.
* Custom layout managers.

Simplify 2
Simplify 3

Simplify is a very universal tool and the most important thing - by bringing universality it still keeps it's simplicity in creating, managing and reporting tasks!

It supports following task functionalities:

* Basic text, counter, radio, checkbox inputs.
* Unlimited photo gallery capabilities.
* Signature functionality.
* QR, Bar, NFC code scanners.
* GPS tracking and timers.
* Customized task priorities and statuses.
* Auto scroll to any task position just by scanning NFC or QR, Bar code.
* Task unlocking only under certain conditions (by measuring GPS distance or scanning tags).

Simplify development is a very responsible task, so I needed to focus on the best solutions possible:

* Google Volley networking for small requests. Network batch implementation for swift loading.
* Efficient data parsing with LoganSquare based on Jackson.
* Picasso for bitmap processing, displaying and sending.
* Comfortable task management with Google Cloud Messaging services.
* Working in offline mode and swift networking.
* Custom broadcast receivers for tracking network, gps changes etc.
* Dynamic task layout element drawing with a custom Aformic RecyclerView.
* Eye catching animations and great UX optimal for different kind of people.
* Simple, comfortable, polished and pixel perfect design created by me.

Right now, a new version is being developed and I will showcase it, when it will be available!

Simplify 4