Kino Fondas

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Kino Fondas is an application allowing users to watch old lithuanian movies online for free! It contains 108 movies produced in 1957 - 1981! It is a great classic movies library!

I was offered to create both Android and iOS versions and everything went smoothly. I was working with my old friend from Seomates and I believe, we did a great job in delivering best result possible!

Our client was a Author Rights Association (AVAKA) both with Lithuanian ministry of culture.
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So let's go to the introduction of this great app!

Design was already presented, so my task was only to focus on programming code and UI smoothness. This application was no tricky, it contained basic functions like:

* Networking - data processing, JSON parsing etc.
* Video streaming.
* Custom image processing (this app is quite old already).
* Custom designed video player.
* Categorized ViewPager.
* Search by author, genre, movie title.
* Custom TypeFace spanning.

Kino Fondas 2
Kino Fondas 3

So the final result is here:

* 108 movies available online.
* Movie filtering by actors, producers and genres.
* Dynamic search.
* Custom video player.
* Simple and comfortable design, even it is way old school. Don't forget, that movies are also old!

Kino Fondas on Google Play