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Grigeofy is an app dedicated to manage more than 13000 working assets in one of the biggest manufactury company in Lithuania - Grigeo!

I was assigned to accomplish this task by my superior company - OSOS. There was already a working version of this app, but it was quite old school and designed only to serve one workshop. Previous version completely satisfied Grigeo, but I wanted to make it polished and better.

We have a great development team, so there was no problem while implementing API functionality, so my task was only to create a great representation in a form of an app!
So, here we go!

First task was to pick up the best networking solution, because app was operating with big JSON files, containing several tens of thousands lines. This is how I came up with Retrofit - REST networking client for Android, which served a great purpose while processing huge amount of JSON objects and sending serialized data.

Another step was to pick up the best JSON parser possible. It was an easy task, because I am contributing to great JSON parser myself - LoganSquare - an efficient modification of Jackson parser, supporting easy and fast JSON parsing and also - easy object serialization! JSON parsing performance was an essential requirement.

Third step - selecting best method for task assignment. Before, user needed to sync tasks manually, so now we decided to use Google Cloud Messaging in order to get up to date tasks!

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Because app is designed for factory workers, it needed to be clear and well structured, so all the buttons and elements were designed to serve "big fingers"!

There was also a requirement to work offline, so app was saving pending changes and sending them to the server once network become available! I designed special Network Broadcast Listener, which identifies whether there is an nternet connection and sends task information immediately.

Task elements are locked by default, they can be unlocked by scanning NFC or Bar code of the required machine. Any task can be opened and any asset can be found immediately just by scanning codes!

Because tasks can be huge enough, static layout drawing could take some time, so I came up to solution to write Aformic RecyclerView, which allows to hold different types of views (I will release this lib on GitHub).

So the final result is here:

* Management of more than 13000 assets and issue registering system.
* Finding task element (with auto scroll) or picking asset just by scanning NFC, QR or Bar code.
* Comfortable task management with Google Cloud Messaging services.
* Progress tracker near the each task.
* Working in offline mode and swift networking with Retrofit REST networking client.
* Dynamic task layout element drawing with a custom Aformic RecyclerView.
* Unlocking task elements only by scanning particular machine or asset code.
* Simple, comfortable, polished and pixel perfect design created by me.

Grigeofy on Google Play

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