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Entomologas is an app dedicated to insects of Lithuania!

The idea to create this app didn't come instantly, I was working on Android field guide to Asilidae (robber flies) for myself, in order to have all the information about their habitat in one place (I will release this app too) and once I mentioned about it to my university professor - Andrius Petrašiūnas, who suggested about the need to create a general app about insects of Lithuania. That's how I started making it!

The most challenging part was to select insects, which I would describe and collect all the information about them, because apparently, I still don't know everything about the insects (no one does). I started making this app in the beginning of january and fully completed it in the end of march. Sure, I wasn't making it all the time, but roughly it took me about 3-4 weeks of pure work, which is huge.

First of all, I needed to pick the number of insects I would describe. At the beginning, I wanted to pick 100 insects from all the general orders found in Lithuania, but soon, number increased up to 120. I knew, that people like butterflies most, so I chose 23 of them - most of all orders.
Another challenge was to get lithuanian translations for my insect names, because they are not easily found. Thanks to Andrius Petrašiūnas for providing me lithuanian names for Diptera and Hymenoptera orders!
Also there was a tough task to find some great photos, because lots of them are copyrighted, and I only can use those, protected by Creative Commons Zero license (CC0).
And yes, grammar is my problem right now. I was great at it, when I was at high school, but now I read only 2-3 books per year, so my grammar suffered significantly, especially that part with punctuation and sentence structure! But, I found a way, how to fight with it - I was writing content about insects on the evenings and later on, I was checking it for several times (for example, while going to my running training or university by the public transport) and each time I was locating and fixing mistakes. Sure, in the end, I got some major help from my former lithuanian teacher - Auksė Mačionienė, she contributed a lot to the final result!

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Programming wasn't really that hard and design concept came almost instantly!
First of all, I tried to design as simple structure as I could, so the following solutions came into life:

* Support RecyclerView with round thumbs loaded by Picasso and customized, animated progress on the bottom of each tile (designed by myself).
* Custom parallax ScrollView with an ability to zoom images by pulling view down (also my creation, based on some previous solutions).
* Expandable views for more comfortable information usage (customized by me).
* Quiz animations and animated round progress. Custom sounds and vibrations.

Data are stored into SQLite database and in order not to lose info during the future updates, I wrote special controller, which will help to upgrade info smoothly, without any quiz data loss.

So the final result is here:

* 120 insects with photos, detailed appearance, behaviour, habitat, diversity, evolution information and interesting facts.
* Quiz with 240 questions about these awesome creatures.
* Basic information about Insecta class in one place.
* Progress trackers near the each insect category, which will help to study.
* All the information is available in offline mode, so there is no need to spend internet traffic.

Entomologas on Google Play

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Information, provided in app was taken from:


..also some paper insect guides (mostly Insects of Britain and Northern Europe by Collins, Vabalai by Šablevičius, Brouci by Karel Hurka and butterfly guides by R. Kazlauskas) and others.