Bitcoin POS

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Bitcoin POS is an app designed for business accepting bitcoin currency! It is already used by the companies in Vilnius, including Jazz Express Taxi, Denticija, Switch, Dėvėti, Barber Shop, Sinano Kebabai etc.!

Actually, I got this task accidentally and I was invited to collaborate in creation of an awesome bitcoin payment system in Lithuania, so how I could say no?? Coingate has an experienced WEB programming team, but they needed a mobile app developer, so here I came, and... things happened!

Coingate already had their design vision, so there was nothing to do for me. My task was to make a bug free, safe app in order to make this system well usable and accepted.

I was pleased to work with a great backend developer, who really understood, how to form tasks and make great API, so the whole working process was more than OK!

And now, each time I make a bitcoin payment, I am proud, that I had a chance to contribute to the greatness of transaction freedom!

Bitcoin POS 2
Bitcoin POS 3

Application needed to work both in portrait and landscape modes without any interruptions, and people, who develop for Android know, that saving states and keeping processes intact before device rotation is a pain! But I have managed to do those transitions smooth.

Another task was to predict any possible errors in both app and API side, so there were analyzed various possible exceptions like delays in time, possible downs in backend or GCM.

So the final result is here:

* Safe authorization process.
* Payments by QR scan.
* Instant payment notifications.
* Comfortable and clear order history.

Bitcoin POS on Google Play

Bitcoin POS 4